Saturday, June 5, 2010


I call that a diet? As I was sitting down to breakfast,  I  reread my previous post and was in shock.  I wrote it on Thursday and just got around to posting it today.  Yes, i took responsibility for the wrong choices last week... but dang, how many times can you flub up and still think you are heading in the right direction?  Once, maybe twice, I think is ok.. but a whole week worth?  It's time to refocus on what I really want.  Do I want to be able to just say "Im on a diet" or do I want to be able to "show" people that I am...

This morning, I go searching for breakfast... what do i get? a little chocolate creme filled cupcake and a glass of milk.  Talk about and excited fat girl, it was the last one!  I started to head back to the computer and realized what I had just done.  I turned back around, put the cup cake up, and poured a bowl of Total Whole Greain cereal and tossed in some fresh blueberries.

That's what I need to do more often.  Stop and ask myself if I am making a good choice, is this going to put me in the right direction?  Is this going to help me reach my goals?  And I hope I make the right choices from now on!

After feeling better about the cereal choice, I decided to post what I just saved my body in calories and nutrition compared to the cupcake.  Ladies and Gentleman... it's time for: THIS OR THAT!

Total Whole Grain w/Skim & Blueberries                     Chocolate Creme Filled Cupcake
Calories = 160                                                             Calories = 165
Fat = 1.12g                                                                  Fat = 7.5g
Carbs = 34                                                                  Carbs = 24
Sugar = 8.6                                                                  Sugar = 16
Sodium = 260.25                                                         Sodium = 130
Vitamins out the wazoo!                                               less then 10% vitamins


  1. I saw your post on FB via Ashley Johnstons page...I too find her very inspiring!!!!! She is amazing! I will be checking back from time to time as Im on a weight Loss jounrey too!

    BLESSINGS and BEST of Luck!

  2. Thanks, Best luck to you too!

  3. I hear you! I know exactly how you feel about making the wrong choice constantly. I struggle all of the time. I think we just need to keep reminding ourselves of why we're in the position we're in... and how much we hate being here. I know I do!

    You'll do great! :) Keep working hard! :)