About Me

Hello, My name is Tonya and I am Morbidly Obese.  I have been Morbidly Obese all of my life.  I'm almost 32 and I don't know any other way to live, but I want to learn.  I am ready to let go of all my bad habits and old life style.  This blog is about me, and my journey to lose over 200 pounds.

A little about my personal life: 

In 2008 I married the man of my dreams.  He loves me for me and doesn't see my flaws.  I never thought I would find a man who could love me with every ounce in his body.  He is so supportive in my journey to discover what it feels like to live and is ready to help me any way he can.  I need to lose this weight so I can spend many years by his side.

I also am a mother to 2 lazy cats and 2 VERY hyper Boston Terriers.  My biggest dream is to be able to create a child out of the love my husband and I share with each other.  I love to travel and take photos.  The beach is my favorite place in the world.  I am a big sports fan and hope someday that I will be able to play them.

I have many dreams and goals that I want to achieve and I hope that I stay focused and reach each and every one of them.  Thank you for stopping by and taking part in my journey.