Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pink Ninja Power!

Hello!  So far I have no followers on my blog, however this is just day one!  I've sat around all day trying to think of a quirky, memorable Blog Title and nothing was grabbing me.  I thought long and hard and realized the whole reason for this blog is to get my butt healthy.  And my inspiration has been the Pink Ninja, Ashley, from season 9 of the biggest loser.  So there we have it... Pink Ninja Power!

I hope to put pictures, weight and measurements on here soon.  I'm letting it all out.  No secrets.  I have tried to hide my body and size all my life.  I plan to take a picture in a sports bra and biker shorts, just like they do on the biggest loser.  I've read that they have contestants dress like this to make them see and realize what they have done to themselves.  No more hiding.

In this blog, I hope to post my daily struggles, my celebrations, my goals, healthy information, recipies and other weight loss information I can find. 
Before I leave, thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back.  I love hearing success stories and advice, so drop me a line!  Oh, one more thing, CONGRATS ASHLEY! YOU ARE FABULOUS!  PINK NINJA POWER!

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